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Welcome to Miller Visualization! To begin, you'll want to check out our Lawyers, Experts and Manufacturers pages.

For the last 20 years Miller Visualization has been helping their clients prevail in court. We've helped major corporations like General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda among others defend themselves from literally billions of dollars of claims. Our experience means we know what you need and we can start delivering it tomorrow. We don't think you can find another animator with a better track record of delivering proven results.

Our work is absolutely accurate. We understand the physics of accident reconstruction. You can see it in the videos on this page and others. The motion looks right because it is right. We've worked intimately with accident reconstruction experts for 20 years. We use the graphing interface of 3D Studio Max to assure adherance to the laws of physics and we've created custom software to check vehicle speeds and the acceleration of gravity.

In addition to being correct, our animations are powerful and persuasive. We believe that showing a juror a highly realistic depiction of an accident gives them the sense that they have seen the actual accident rather than just an expert's opinion. Our scenes look real. The vehicles crush on impact. Dust and debris flies the way it would in the real world. Our camera movements show the details of what's happening and they give the viewer a sense of the speeds and forces involved.

Our experience and our compact size (no more than two or three animators working at any one time) means we are efficient at what we do. We've developed resources over the years that allow us to put together a great looking animation that's technically perfect in the least amount of time possible. Our one to one customer service means that when you call us you'll talk to the animator who's working on your case. There will be no wasteful layers of bureaucracy between you and us.

Contact us to discuss your case and we’ll bring the same level of experience and professionalism that we offer General Motors to you.

Check the links at the top of the page according to your area of specialization. At left, you'll find links to lots of information about how we do what we do.








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